Reality: Science Confined To Human Prespective

I love our scientific age. I find it most intriguing and ironic. We refused religion, with reason, on the grounds that we had to believe without questioning it. And yet, we do the exact same thing with science. “yes, but studies show…” or  “Science has proven that…”. There is so much behind science that is not questioned. Here are some of the questions I make to all science junkies and scientists:

  • Who is financing this study and what are the true objectives behind it?
  • Are all possible and imaginable variables taking into account, since humans can only hold maximum three or four variables at the same time (studies show :))?
  • Isn’t it strange that we considered ourselves the most intelligent species on the planet? I mean we also thought the whole universe moved around us at some point.
  • We accept science as being the bringer of truth and of our reality. But isn’t it true that we can only investigate from our human perspective?
  • Isn’t it true that many other senses and perceptions exist on this earth and that we cannot perceive them?
  • Isn’t it true that any scientist looking for something, is doing so under his/her own perception?
  • Don’t we define intelligence under our own premises and perception of what that may be?

I am not saying here that science should not exist. I love it and believe that it is very valuable. I am just saying that I do not hold reality or truth under what their own conclusions are. I make my own and changed them as I see fit. I am trying to no longer be in a prison of scientific dogma.


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