Walking The Path Towards Ego Dissolution

The first obvious question is: what is ego dissolution? The reality is that,as you go along,  the meaning of the journey of the ego dissolution itself changes and what knowledge I hold know will certainly be changed as I drop ever more pieces of the self I hold inside. I can say for now is that…

One Moment’s Decision Is Not The Consistency Of A Lifetime

Addicts know very well the difference between one moment’s decision and the consistency of a lifetime. This is one of the gifts of being an addict. An addict knows that most of the time decisions made in our heads, stay there and hold no consistency. I find that when people say that when they decide…

Safety or Knowledge: The Unspoken Knowing

I sometimes have the impression that there are only two types of people in this world. The people who believe that everything occurs by chance and those who believe knowing how everything works.  Ok, I admit that this is a bit of an exaggeration. However, I feel the frustration at times of wanting to be…

Are We Ready For Beauty?

I believe that beauty is not inherent to objects or situations but rather a choice. A choice that until the clarity of understanding inundates us, it is simply a choice-less choice.

Loving The Tigers, The Lions, The Bears Oh My!

When the tigers, the lions and the bears of your life come to visit you there is only one response: to fight. In this post I hope I may have some insight to give you about overcoming great challenges.

World-Love Instead Of Self-Love

Practicing world-love is nothing more than decomposing the judgement, it is loving something for its existence, loving a situation for the experience and loving the person for sharing one moment.