Loving The Tigers, The Lions, The Bears Oh My!

I want to start by reminding you that one thing is when you lie in the middle of great challenges and indulge in them, feeling sorry for yourself, while comparing yourself to others and believing in their greener grass. Another thing very different is the understanding and acceptance of such challenges. There should be no blame nor fear when you reside in them, but only one question should remain. What can you do for me? When the tigers, the lions and the bears of your life come to visit you there is only one response: to fight. Sometimes you have baby predators at your feet and killing them or sending them away will be no problem. However, you will not do so with full grown tigers, lions and bears, with which I mean the truly worthy fight is the one where your life challenges are so great you don’t know if you will survive them. Nevertheless, you fight them with all you’ve got. In this post I hope I may have some insight to give you about overcoming great challenges.

Loving the tigers, the lions, the Bears oh my!

Accepting our blindspots

A good driver has always in mind that there are things and positions that he is not capable of seeing. Also he/she understands that his/her attention is limited and understands that there is a lot he/she cannot account for. In the same way, when facing these incredible challenges we must be open enough to understand we cannot see everything, not all variables come to light.

Accepting that we have blind-spots is perhaps the one thing that can save us. I know this may sound small, but accepting our vulnerability is not an easy thing.

Cutting the ego heads

We are great protectors and defenders of our egos. We are capable of surpassing any situation and yet destroy our lives defending a hurt ego. I am thinking of me, when receiving a love rejection, where I understood the rejection, appreciated the way the rejection was shared and yet could not feel joy because of a hurt ego. In the hunt for freedom there will be no greater enemy than this one. Strong, the ego, stands at every corner, with very little to offer us except for its absorption of all my energy and focus just to defend him.

What threatens so much the ego? Losing rankings, worth, respect? Perhaps just the fear of abandonment, of not being loved. But who came up with this stuff, that only if someone else loves us than we are worthy, then we are someone? The ego only appears in social situations or in your mind in relation to others. Never it appears in relation to the greater world or to plants and animals. When I believe I must defend myself against an animal, it is always a physical defense. I am not thinking I must look great so the lion will like me.

It is obvious that the ego is not natural but a product of human interaction. When I am in front of a beautiful flower I do not have to prove that I am more beautiful or better than the flower. The flower can hold her beauty and I can hold mine.

Our ego tells us: “You cannot be happy, unless someone loves or approves of you, because otherwise no one can witness your greatness in the external world”.  But we can answer our egos: “But being happy is only inside, so the only witness you need is yourself!”

The tigers, the lions and the bears are our best of friends in helping us cutting the ego’s heads, because it is when they come and when the ego is threatened, that we remember there is something unimportant we are defending, while forgetting that there are other things more relevant to protect.

Thank you hardships, for coming to me and believe I can overcome my ego’s fear!

The unknown is what is exciting

Fear in facing the tigers, the lions and the bears is very natural for us. However, I distinguish fright from fear. Fright is the only actual natural response, because you know you may die in that moment and you feel the excitement and terrible body discomfort the fright brings to you. However, fear is something else, it only occurs through envisioning some terrible future, it occurs in fearing the ego will be hurt. We help the incredible challenge we face by adding features as such: “what if? “, “I will probably loose job, money, my house and my family if I survive this”. I want to add just a reminder, that the hard situation may not be overcome and you may loose everything you envisioned and the most valuable thing you own: your life, because in this world we can die any moment in any situation. However, thinking and enhancing the fact you will lose everything will just help you to do so. Think about this: you will not be a good driver and very concentrated in what you are doing if you are imagining how the accident will be, while trying to decide if you think you might survive your imaginary accident.

I want to remind you that this words can never express the incredible truth of accepting the unknown. We will not be able to know the result of any battle. Any battle, any at all, can be the end of us. However, we can live with this truth, face the battle and love the challenge.

Understanding vs knowing

This is the perfect moment to arrive at this topic. Because understanding you can face the unknown and knowing you can face the unknown have nothing to do with each other. The mental exercise of understanding something is so irrelevant compared to the immensity of knowing in your guts and bones something.

Only the ego enjoys the thought of us being capable of everything and more. It loves to revel in the idea of how amazingly strong we are. But it is only and purely a intellectual exercise, that will never leave your mind.

Now knowing is something else entirely. When you know there is nothing to congratulate about because you know the truth, you are as vulnerable as anyone else, because you may die at any moment just like anyone else. However, you own that knowledge and therefore you can face your greatest challenges, because you know that if you can die from anything at all then you will do it facing the great and worthy lions, tigers and bears. Not worthy because they will bring you honor, but worthy because they overcoming them will bring you knowledge and knowledge will deliver you freedom.

The bed in which you lay

This is a hard point for me to accept, but perhaps the one I love the most. There is a time in your life when you start to see many challenges as blessings and so they become less of a challenge and more of a game. But you still want the big challenges because you want to learn. And here comes the thing, you can in a kind of mystical way call up the universe, or your mind, or whatever and ask for a specific knowing experience.

Lets say you want to learn about patience, know about patience, experience it in your bones. Then you will call for the experience, and you know, it will have to be a challenge. A tiger perhaps, fast and tricky. It will let you get comfortable and let you think you are safe and then will he attack with all his might. You can be already be good enough and quickly remember that you have asked for that tiger. However, most of the time you will forget about it and only remember the aftermath. That’s ok too! As long as you remember and learn!


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