World-Love Instead Of Self-Love

Why I no longer subscribe to the idea of Self -love? For many years I have thought the idea of self-love to be the greatest and most unique answer to suffering. Even though I agree that loving aspects within yourself is a wonderful technique to get out of an uncomfortable situation, I also believe it is still limited to a judgment of good and bad, I simply look at stuff I don’t like in me and see how they can be good.

Now if you work on world-love, with which I mean love everything in existence, since there is nothing outside existence, there is no judgment, no good, no bad. there is simply love.

What’s the meaning behind love if you love everything and everyone? There is no meaning to any particular thing, everything becomes as important or unimportant as anything else. The fear here, I believe, is that we become no more or less than anything else. The importance is only in our minds and in the selves we believe we must defend.

In the search for truth, this becomes one of the hardest pieces of knowledge to accept. However, the freedom that comes from understanding that judgment is an illusion and you are never bound to it, is incredible.

You may be unimportant, but so is everything else.

Practicing world-love is nothing more than decomposing the judgement, it is loving something for its existence, loving a situation for the experience and loving the person for sharing one moment.

After I have developed world-love, I am ready to look at myself and realize that I am allowed to love myself simply because my heart beats, my hair grows and finally I may love myself simply because I am part of this incredible mystery.



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