Are We Ready For Beauty?

Most of us would probably say that this question makes no sense. What could being ready for beauty possibly mean?

I have come to believe with time that it does make sense and in order to understand this question, we will need to hold a piece of knowledge that sometimes may be hard to accept.

I believe that beauty is not inherent to objects or situations but rather a choice. A choice that until the clarity of understanding inundates us, it is simply a choice-less choice.

We will start with an important assumption to help us to develop this topic. We will say that love and beauty are one and the same.

We say “I fell in love with this thing or this someone because it/he/she is beautiful”. But we know very well that things become more beautiful because we love them, perhaps beauty is just a consequence of love. So do we choose to fall in love and therefore choose something to be beautiful or not? Maybe now is when things get trickier but also juicier.

Can you please contemplate just for a second that you might choose to fall in love even if the choice is made before you meet the thing, situation or person? Do you understand what I’m saying?

Example: You find flowers beautiful, now you see one flower and say it is beautiful. However, you could have chosen that the weeds are beautiful. I know you already know your reasons why you love flowers, and would be ready to provide me with an extensive list.

At the same time you have never thought about the beauty of weeds so you could give me none. But maybe if you would stop and think you could really easily find a million reasons of why weeds are truly exquisite. That’s my point.

In fact, most of the time,  you have already decided what you love and therefore what you find beautiful. If you haven’t made this choice consciously before, than you will probably accept what someone else, important to you perhaps, finds beautiful.

Very often societal trends, brought by influential people will determine that for you. Sincerely, there is nothing wrong with that, only to the extent that you might be imprisoned. You may become slave to a beauty that you haven’t deliberated upon or have become slave to a love that does not bring you joy.

My only goal with my reflections and perhaps with this blog, is to find complete freedom. And even thought I am already free and there is nothing to achieve and that the imprisonment is an illusion it feels quite real. I believe there is no greater pursuit in life, but the one that looks for the freedom you already hold. Only for one reason and one reason alone: Freedom is happiness. For those who aren’t immortal, the pursue of freedom should be our only goal.

It isn’t a goal, not really. You already hold that in you. Therefore, the only true achievement is to dispel the illusion from the only think that it doesn’t matter: our judgements. Why? Simply because they have become more important than the world itself and they are not.

My question are we ready for beauty? Only if we understand that beauty has nothing to do with the outer thing, situation or person, but a choice that we have made conscious- or unconsciously, and that we are free to decide something else if that is to our advantage.



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