What Can You Do Beyond Being Positive?

Once you begin to understand that your misery is your own creation, slowly but surely you begin to walk in the opposite direction. You start by switching certain thoughts or have a more positive internal dialogue. Either way you begin to slowly fall in love with yourself and you may reach a point where you truly love many aspects of yourself.

The issue at this point is that you are still under the umbrella of judgement. You have not released judgement. You have simply changed it from negative to positive. What happens here is if you think you are awesome, that inherently means that others are not. Think about this, if you think everyone is awesome, no one is. Therefore, there is a point in which you must decide whether you are going to be awesome and amazing, or you are not. If you say you are not awesome than you must be terrible. However, giving up our the judgement of being great does not automatically have to mean that you are terrible.

This is were things get a little more difficult, since our egos l cannot survive without these judgments. Think that when you decided to see yourself in a positive light rather than negative it was a choice you made. In the same way you can decide to be neither one nor the other.

How can you go about it? Think about it this way: when you are deciding whether you are amazing or terrible, realize that what you are doing in each of the decisions, is to develop a space in which you can reside. Lets say you create the space of being incredible in what you do. Its like you have opened a new board on Pinterest and now every action you take is like a picture that you add to you new board. Where maybe before you were adding your actions to boards like: “everything I do is crap”.

Now what I am inviting you to do is not to add your actions to any board, not to add your being to any of your boards. When you are thinking of your self and your actions if you feel you need to add to some board in your mind than add it to boards like: “actions”, “to be” or “space”.

Why would you want to not put yourself in any label even if the label is positive? Simply because you are still bound to judgement even when its positive. For example, lets say you feel you are amazing and you meet someone that does not like you. You would be totally surprised, you would not be able to understand why the person doesn’t like you. Your experience would be bound to your prejudgment of being great.

Now lets say you have chosen the board simply “to be”, well in this situation if you encounter a person who does not like you, it does not rattle you, because within “to be” there is all. There is liking and not liking, there is being great and not being great. Your are both and you are all, depending on the judgment and since you have none, you are free to let other people chose whatever label they wish. While you remain the same.

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