Game Of Chance or Game Of Responsibility: Which One Do You Play?

I believe that one of our greatest barriers in life is what we call luck. Things happen by chance and either you are lucky or not. I try not to be too much evolved in whether things are true or not, because I have come to the understanding that everything is perception, so whenever one believes something to be true it will be so. However, for me is not about that. What I ask is if my belief in luck is helpful or not.

I think that the belief in luck imprisons us very deeply, because it says you don’t hold control and the universe doesn’t know what its doing. I believe, based on my own experiences, that what we call luck is merely our fear based response to the impersonal world reactions.

The world seems to respond to our actions in a random way at times, no doubt about it. However, it is more of an impersonal response. The world doesn’t care that you have studied for twenty years and know a lot about something. If you haven’t got all the requirements that it deems necessary than you will not succeed in the thing you want.

What I mean is that we do not always know what those requirements are because very often they operate outside reason. But just because we cannot understand them does not mean that it was by chance.

Believing in chance or luck is saying that there is nothing you can do, that there is noting you can learn. If you on the other hand hold the mindset that although you might not understand something you could try to understand, you could evaluate other situations and see what works.

I think more often than not we are lazy and hold on to the easy answers, such us everything is chance or everything works this way or that way. If we know that everything is chance than you release your responsibility.

I will tell you one secret that I have learned throughout my life the more responsibility you take for everything that happens to you, the more powerful you become.

Taking responsibility for your actions determines that you took part in the result, and if the reactions of the world are not what you wanted, than only you can change it. Lets say you are playing a video game and you died before you finish the game. it is because you have simply not mastered the skills to win and the game defeated you. The thing about life is that we need to know that death will come and we are already defeat, and yet until death decides to touch us, the game is still on.

One good exercise is to develop this sense of responsibility without the blame game. You hold the knowledge you hold and you can be dedicated to learn more, but you put yourself into a situation where there are things you cannot account for. Then you fight with all the knowledge you hold but the outcome belongs to the impersonal universe. You can only prepare and take responsibility for where you are.



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