Winter Journey: Becoming Empty

I would like to do an article series starting with this one called the winter journey. I will pick up something about the season and transport it to a shamanistic point of view.

To begin this journey I will start by mixing both Autumn and Winter inspiration. The most beautiful thing about autumn for most people is the mixed colors of the leaves and their journey to the ground.

In the same vein we are invited during this season on one hand to allow our fall to the ground and on the other to let go of things. What do I mean by this? I mean to say that we may receive an invitation from nature to start a journey into the unknown, let ourselves be immersed by silence, allow for space to envelop us. On the other hand, we may also be invited to let go of things we are attached to, so we may create that space and that silence that I have spoken of.

We can absolutely fall in love with this winter season if we are able to gain knowledge that can be reveal to us. However, not everyone will allow for this knowledge to find them, simply because they cannot be in touch with it at this point. But if you are reading this then you certainly are ready for allowing winter to reveal itself to you.

No matter how much knowledge I hold I cannot teach you one iota of it, but believe me, winter can. Because winter can do one thing I can’t, it can make you feel the knowledge and I cannot.

Release the old leaves, shake them off or the wind of your life will come and do it for you. Release the old leaves, the ones you hold without knowing why. Release the old leaves those you have never chosen in the first place anyways.

When you thought you have released all you can, think again. You will need all the winters of your life to do so and the ones you will not have. So let go and release all the leaves you possibly can.

Then or maybe at the same time search for the silence of winter. When it gets cold and the animals grow silent. Here hidden you may find the unspoken knowledge in the silent night. There is very little silence to hear at first, but then there is some more.

Become space or allow space to be in you. However that may be to you, use what you know about the spacious and broad. Don’t try to look for what its right in these exercises. Nothing is right until you find it, and since the experience can not be passed on. You must find your own silence and never doubt that you have found it on one hand, and on the other never assume its finality, since there is an infinitude of silence and space to be uncovered.

Call for the winter season if you are in doubt. It will tell you that it is only a season and you can never hold it forever. It will remind you that the worst has already happen: you are a alive and you are going to die. There is no longer nothing to fret about, but to remember the space and the silence you can instigate in you so something may grow perhaps in spring.



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