Winter Journey: Your Mind’s Winter Garden

In my last post I have talked about being like the leaves in autumn or like the trees in winter and allow for space and silence to enter our lives. Today I will specifically focus on the topic of space. I was completely ready to jump on a new winter journey topic, but there is so much to space and silence that remained untold, that I simply couldn’t move on.

Winter is our teacher for the next couple of months, and we will definitely be here to listen to it. One of the things we all can observe about winter is the increase in space in the gardens. During winter plants die, or just their leaves fall, either way there is more space.

Now the space I am talking about does not just show itself because its winter. It requires our effort, not because it isn’t natural to us but because  as social beings we had to learn its opposite and unlearn about space.

How did our social school take us away from space?  Very easy, simply because we had to learn to identify, categorize and conceptualize.

One of the problems in Spirituality nowadays is that we want to reject this conceptualizations brought to us by social endeavors. However, even though I am not christian, or of any other religion, I remember one thing that was written about Jesus, Jesus said: give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar. I don’t really find the bible or any of the religious texts particularly interesting but this phrase really speaks a lot to me. It allows me to see the importance of things in their context. While conceptualizations are utterly unimportant in the schemes of the universe, they are crucial in social interactions. So give to Cesar what belongs to him. Give to society what belongs to her: concepts, money, structure, hierarchy, stories, failure and success. None of these belong to you, this belongs to the social life and nothing more.

How does this all relate to allowing for space to grow in you? Well, everything. Space is the undoing of concepts, of names, of identification. Look at the world around you and you will see that it is full, it is full of things, things you name, things you categorize, things you identify with.

You can develop Space in the world by simply start to remember that the object in from of you has in fact no name, no category, no identification. Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar, and so return it to society and use it any time you need but remember to discard it when you don’t.

Why would you want to create the space that I have been talking about the whole time? Because if you do you will remember that perhaps the tree you see in front of you is a completely new thing that you have never seen before. If you have the speed to catch the tree before names come in, you will see that it is something completely new and strange to your eyes, maybe it can reveal things that before you couldn’t grasp. All of this you can experience until the concepts and identification catch up with you and it becomes a tree, like any other indeed as if it was never anything else.

Take the night as a great teacher for space. When the sun moves away, things disappear. Try not to remember that they are still there, but do the opposite: remember that they were in fact never there, and then after, if you need to, return to Cesar and go back to your social life.


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