Winter Journey: Searching For Clarity In The Darkness

One more winter journey article to helps us move through this winter. As the days become darker we may be invited to relinquish the clarity we so tightly hold. Clarity is our aid and our enemy, our protector and our guard. Let us see when and how clarity can be at times relinquished and allow for the uncertainty and unkowing to get hold of us.

When we speak about the unknown on an intellectual level it does never frighten us. It is simply an exercise done within the mind and so the mind imagines how incredible it is for to be able to meet the great unknown. Another very different exercise is meeting the unknown for real. Allowing it to enter our minds and not immediately recur to your explanations and reasons.

A little declaimer here: when I am saying let go of explanations and reason, you need to know that in order to do that you need to be the most rational person you know. You need to be completely and utterly sober and pragmatic. It is like a writer, only a very good writer can play with grammar. The rest of us better stick to the grammar rules. In the same way only a very pragmatic person can understand through reason that it is logically only one way of perceiving things and in that vein be able to relinquish reason at particular moments and immediately return to it when he/she deems fit.

We know that clarity is a great source for safety and well-being because whenever something becomes clear to us we can feel a slight relaxation in our bodies: “yes, now I understand.” This sense of security is very often what transforms our clarity from a protector into a guard. We are hunters of security instead of hunting knowledge.  And that is what attracts me so much about this topic. The desire for clarity in our lives is so great that we become more more clear on one hand but also become less truthful on the other.

Clarity and truth are not the same. Every time we decide to become more clear we are restricting our reality by restricting our perception. We may say “ah, the world is this way” and while things are becoming clear and we feel more secure, we have forgotten that everything is just an interpretation and reality can never be perceived directly.

Look at the night in winter. Where in daylight you can identify objects very easily, it is not so at night. At night you look at objects unsure of what they are, they maybe be this or that, they are probably this or that. You make the same judgments you make when looking at objects during the day, except at night your brain has more difficulties to interpret and therefore the range of object classification broadens.

During daylight your brain is also making these evaluations and adjustments. The brain is interpreting reality at all times, it adjusts as it wants. Therefore, it isn’t so clear that what we are observing is real. And we assume it is only because we confirm it with others. “is that a tree?”, “yes, that is a tree”. However, the only thing we share with others are the concepts well trained and inculcated in our brains since birth.

A tree is tall, it has branches, it is brawn at the base and it holds green leaves and so on. We undergo an exhaustive training of conceptualization. Nothing wrong with that, because we need to be able to communicate with others and identify quickly what may be dangerous and what is harmless.

What we are invited to pursue this winter is to be reminded that those conceptualizations restrict our perception and therefore restrict our being. Relinquishing clarity of knowing what something is, is just very hard, but it is possible.

Let’s not start with something already so defined as a tree. However, we can start by allowing for uncertainty to remain a little longer when we are already a little confuse with something. Allow for clarity to exist and remain in your thoughts only with the understanding that its absolute opposite may be true too.



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