Winter Journey: The Conversational Aspects Of Silence

Once again I continue my posts on the Winter Journey. We can all this winter undertake a great journey and really use the winter time as a wonderful teacher. In this life we don’t want to waste one minute if we can instead be learning something new about this incredible universe.

This incredible universe holds an infinitude of knowledge that even though it is already embedded in us it also is forgotten. Let us remember some of the knowledge hidden in us.

In winter everything seems more silent as there is less animal and plant life. However, this peace and silence is absolutely crucial for the animation that occurs in other seasons.

In the same way, I invite you to grow more silent so you may witness incredibly vast animated conversations in the world that probably are completely oblivious to you.

I am not talking about meditation since it is a concept that can mean a million things and in end has no meaning. I am just inviting you to focus on something other than the self you have inside. I am saying that you can simply cultivate silence by paying attention to the conversation that is going on all the time around you. An actual silent conversation. I say silent simply because it is a wordless conversation. Things happen to you everyday all day. The world reacts to you and to your presence in million possible ways.

Lets say a sound was made by something and you heard it. The universe has just conversed with you and has changed you. The opposite is also true you have made a sound and the world has heard it. Also the world has been changed by you.

Today someone next to me found a little harmless snake. Another person right next to the one who found it, was drunk and while making fun of it smashed the snake’s head. I was hearing the world in silence right at that moment and in that precise moment I felt the little animal die as if it was a human being. I felt the sadness of death, the incomprehensible act of killing a being, the understanding that the person did not see that it was a being, my acceptance about this act, my love for the little animal, my repulsion towards death and then my inevitable acceptance of my own death. All of this knowledge was communicated to me in one single moment by the conversational nature of silence.

The difficulty here is in to believe that such a small thing could possibly give us great knowledge. It is easier to believe that someone more knowledgeable than us can deliver us knowledge, than to imagine that the simple breaking of a glass can be the most insightful experience we could possibly have.

It is easier to believe in grand awakenings, in majestic enlightenment than to accept that the world is communicating to everyone in is own conversational silence. That is why very often I reject terms such us enlightenment and meditation. Perhaps because I have a huge ego and eagerly embody the idea that one day I will be enlightened, that means to be more advanced then others and so on.

When I have such thoughts I try to go back to silence and the world will remind me that I am no more than anyone else, not even more than the little snake. One day just like the snake I may be smashed by something that also didn’t know I was a being myself.


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