Winter Journey: Sharing Our Solitude

Today I will write my last article on my winter journey article series. I hope these articles will help you to grow and feel more connected this winter. This article will discuss perhaps the hardest topic of all the winter articles: solitude. Solitude is what every human is bound to experience, independent of having one thousand people around or none at all, we are all alone in our perception, in our experiences and in our reality.

To accept this lonesomeness is one of the hardest parts on my journey to freedom. Winter invite us to reflect on the loneliness of a dog’s bark, a crow’s flight or a naked tree. It will remind us that we are all alone inside our perceptions and interpretations. However, this beautiful Earth allows us to share this incredible solitude with others, plants and animals. As we all move together taking our lonely steps.

I found throughout my life, that we can never truly know the people that walk with us side by side, even though we might think we do and we try to reduce them to what we think they are. But it will be forever only a very small interpretation of the magnitude of their being.

We cannot know them and we cannot be in their shoes, but we do both hold something that we can truly share and that is our solitude.

Lets walk together this winter, with humans and other beings alike, and share more of the truths inside us. The truth that we are alone, that we can only try to balance both the wonder of being alive with the terror of being alone. Because we may be in solitude but we can be in solitude together.


Self Growth | Ego Dissolution | Lea Autumn | Spirituality

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