Winter Journey: Walk In The Rain, Walk Into Freedom

A lot of us use the winter time to commune with our complaining side. The cold, the rain, the snow all join our list of complains. Many times I believe we are even fearful of the weather. The uncomfortable feeling of the cold rain make us fearful of going out because it might make us wet.

However, there is an incredible feeling which arises when we know we are going to be wet, but no rain will stop us. We feel the discomfort and accept that we will find a way to warm ourselves up later on. Similarly, I have come to believe that any decision, in which you ignore fear and do it anyway, is recompensed a thousand times. Not in material gain but rather in interior strength. When we accept that the path will bring discomfort but no rain will stop us we take that incredible new step towards freedom and consequential joy.

Throughout my experience I have noticed that things only go wrong when fear comes along, either the fear to do something new or the fear of not doing something new as one does not want to miss out. In both circumstances it seems that the world turns its back to us and refuses to support a decision that rises out of fear. It doesn’t matter if you are shaking in your boots it only matters that your decision was genuinely not based on fear.

I am not saying that this is how the universe works, since the universe is an exquisite mystery to me. I am just saying that in my experience, our bodies and chemistry seem to respond positively to our non-fear based actions.

Maybe the winter rain is inviting us to go out, experience the rain and become fully wet, immersed by its touch. This invitation will probably hold a secret joy that could motivate us to act in spite of our fear in decisions that we have for long put aside. If for nothing else for the promise of a child-like happiness that could take us out of our winter slumber.



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