A True Seer: The Freedom Of Shifting Attention

In my last post I finished it leaving two questions with the promise that I would discuss them on my next articles. Here is one of the questions: how can we control attention and be able to decide more consciously to what we want to give our attention to.

I have come to believe that in order for us to change what we pay attention to at will, we must become completely free. I mean that we cannot hold past decisions, that decide beforehand what we are going to be attentive to and what we are going to discard. I  mean we cannot be able to move our attention freely if we have a persona that we have to defend, skills we have to defend, appearances we have to maintain, and so on. The degree in which you can move your attention freely will perhaps depend on the degree of your attachments.

A true seer is someone who moves attention freely and can “see” beyond the reflection of his- or herself. A seer can “see” before the concepts and categories appear. She/he can “see” a tree before becoming a tree. I imagine it to be absolute knowledge and therefore absolute power. But it isn’t the power over things like we are use to know. It is rather the power of knowing that dispels any doubts, because it is no longer a rational construct but a knowing in your bones.

I don’t feel I hold the answers to the question on releasing the need for defending oneself or on releasing our attachments I always only have access to the next step and then to the next one. I cannot see the whole picture, I imagine how it would be like as I did before, but I know that every challenge I overcome the whole picture is transformed. And although I may use the same words to describe it, they do not mean the same anymore.

Each step I take is small and hard to overcome but I do it in spite of my fear. Because, now after undergoing a couple of them I know how the story goes: I set myself  to undergo a new challenge and then my world falls into pieces, but I hope to share more about this later. For now don’t be discourage if your path is challenging, because you wouldn’t want it any other way.


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