Releasing Attention Is Undoing The World

Today I will be discussing another of my questions on attention: can we release attention without having to sleep? I am not asking whether we can stop sleeping, but rather asking if we can feel refreshed in the middle of the day as if we had taken a nap? What is there about a nap that can make us feel refreshed?

I already discussed in another article that sleep help us to release the attention we have on the world. When we came back to the world after sleeping we feel more refreshed. What happened was, that the intensity of the attention on the issues we had, dissipated. At this point we are able to focus again on something new, because our attention cables have been unplugged and are free to plug again on something new.

This idea gives us an incredible insight on what we could do to help sleep along on its task and perhaps even need less sleep.

One of the things sleep may teach us is that attention can be dissipated on a daily basis. However, it could be dissipated perhaps even from task to task. Through my experience I feel that sleep restarts my brain as if it was a computer. It turns it completely off in deep sleep and then lets it be in stand by in the dream state or when we are watching TV for instance.

Deep sleep, as opposed to watching TV, allows for the things of the day before to become less vivid and and less important. While watching TV allows us to lose the attention for awhile and then the attention returns as it was.

Let us now say that the exercise of meditation can have both the results of sleep or the results of watching TV. If meditation is the exercise of focusing on your breath or hands, then it is like the TV, you are releasing attention for a moment while you are strongly focused on something else (even though is not exactly the same). However, if the exercise of meditation is a non-exercise, a non-action or a non-doing, then we are behaving more as if we were sleeping.

What is non-action? It’s like feeling that things are disappearing before your eyes, or maybe realizing that things, situations or people really never existed in the first place, except when you were “doing” them. When you stop “doing” them, their existence is released and so is your attention.

How can you stop “doing”? It is a journey of releasing. For instance, at one point in time I have released the idea of forgiveness. I don’t want to say I decided forgiveness was stupid and I didn’t like it and therefore I didn’t want to use it no longer. I mean that I saw that forgiveness didn’t exist at all. I just understood that it couldn’t, instead of forgiveness I saw acceptance, and there I was back at “doing”.

I said it can’t be forgiveness, and then it wasn’t. Here I was undoing, but then I said it’s acceptance and then I was reconstructing reality once again.

Acceptance, however, is something broader and with less emotional baggage than forgiveness. At this point one can say, that one is also undoing when one moves from stricter to broader constructs, except we are undoing at a very slow rate.

Maybe there are people who can just undo the concepts and then do them back with little effort, although I know none who can. This is the ultimate release of attention. You are not only releasing your attention just for a moment and then returning to it like when watching TV, but you are actually undoing reality for a moment and then reconstructing the world anew, and it will not be the same one you knew.



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