Ridiculous Me | Changing Perception

One of the hardest truths to accept for us as human beings is that what we know is not reality, what we perceive is not reality. All of what we know is a mere interpretation of something we cannot know. We would say we are bound to our senses and how the brain interprets them. However, I believe we are not bound to our senses. I have come to understand that the way we develop the senses and which one will be developed, depends on the way we perceive.

It seems rather paradoxical, we interpret through the senses and yet they adjust themselves to fit our perception. Very curious thought, I know.

In our day to day activities we are afraid of being ridiculous. When you observe more closely you see it’s maybe because when we are being ridiculous it shows us we are not seeing reality. It reflects back to us the truth about ourselves. We cannot know reality. We can certainly hold a reality in our perception, which many may agree with, but that is only because we are well tamed by the consensus reality, and it has us.

The consensus reality nowadays likes rationalization and confidence, it likes pragmatism and authenticity. All these capacities are indispensable to me, but consensus reality is only ready for the words and not for their true meaning.

A true rational person will know that any argument can be won by reason, because reason is a tool you can use in any point of you. You just need to be clever enough.

Confidence for consensus reality is someone who finds that he/she is great independent of what others think. True confidence is to know you are no more  than anyone nor any animal nor any plant, but knowing that they aren’t it either.

If people were truly pragmatic they would accept that a perception is not reality and if it is not reality it should not be taken seriously. People take science seriously, a pragmatic person should know that it is still a mere human interpretation, and not the whole of humanity either but rather only the perception of some. I am not saying with this to discard everything, but only to put this in perspective.

To agree with me and say you understand we know only what we perceive, changes nothing. I have come to believe that in order to be willing to change your perception you have to know that everything you are and know is a mere perception. How do you find out if you really know what I am talking about? In the moment when you can be ridiculed without feeling any personal offence ,because you can do it to yourself with even more skill. You don’t feel there is something inside to defend, because you know only a mere perception, what people do, say or think becomes equally unimportant because they too can only see a perspective.

In the middle of this realization you start then looking for things that can challenge that perception, because only in that challenge you can see more than what you saw before.

This path requires the most incredible reason, pragmatism, confidence and authenticity. However, you don’t hone those tools to be more that others, or to look good in front of others. You use this 4 tools in order for you to not loose track of your aims. This road will trick you at every step of the way. When challenging your perception, which is all you know, you are dissolving all that you are and the entirety of the reality you have constructed.

I no longer fear this path as much as I used to, because I fear more to die with absolute assurance that I know the whole world while knowing only my chicken coop.

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