Jumping Into A Creative Spiritual Practice

There is a lot of discussion about spiritual practices. Each spiritual movement preaches its own practices, although most of us are quite eclectic if we have such practice at all. I like a different kind of practice that goes beyond the eclectic forms of spiritual practices. I find more value in what I call the creative spiritual practice.

On my path to freedom and ego dissolution, I have found that most of the practices that people offer do not work for me or they seem to be rather too slow in their results. Throughout my path I have found patience, but I will use patience only as a last resort. If I find that there are other practices I haven’t tried I will try them out first and see if their results are more immediate.

When one is practicing in a creative way, one cannot be sloppy or undisciplined because there are no steps or goals but the ones you decide you want to experiment with. Therefore and with great pain, I assume the incredible necessity for a structured and sound practice. I don’t like and never did the idea of a structured spiritual practice, because I feel structure belongs to the realm of the mind, intellect and ego. However, we must hang on to something while jumping off of a cliff. We must secure ourselves with the only shields we have got and that is our structure, since our minds will always feel safe with it.

We must remember however, that structure, discipline and reason are only shields to help us walk through these treacherous paths.

A creative spiritual practice is one in which we are free to use any tool or activity we wish in order for us to move in to whatever spiritual knowledge we want to gain. This is were our structured practice comes in.

Important questions may be:

What is important for me at the moment?

What do I want to learn on my next spiritual path?

What practices do we believe could be valuable?

What are my favorite books, movies, characters, places, music and other stuff at the moment?

How can I use those things I enjoy so much and transport them to my practice

What practices could maybe help me, which are outside the box and utterly ridiculous?

What will be my parameters in evaluating my results?

How much do I consider appropriate?

Make the questions you see fit and do not get hang up by nothing. Do it your way and personalize it to the limit. I am going to give you an example: If you are a big fun of Harry Potter, you can use the ideas, characters or writings from the books and bring them to your practice in a original way. You can see the texts as sacred texts and the characters as teachers in the topic you will be working on.

Choose your favorite songs and decide they will be the instigator for your spiritual lesson. Every time you listen you know there will be work to do.

Talk to the plants and animals as if they were the greatest gurus alive.

I know this seems absurd and you should do what feels right to you, but I will tell you why this creative practice can be so valuable. First and foremost it will show you that any action no matter which one, only has the power you give to it (of course a collective action as a lot of power and influence). This will allow you to act more freely. On the other hand, you are developing a practice that is actually meaningful to you.

If breath and meditation is your cup of tea. Play with breath and movement or add words or sounds. Do hand mudras or body mudras.

If you are into theater, play your favorite characters with spiritual lines, and let knowledge enter your character. If you are a painter do one small painting everyday until the answer arrives.

However, do not forget structure and disciplined. You are doing this because you believe it will bring you the opportunity to integrate more knowledge and this is what you need to remind yourself of.

Do not forget to report you results. This can be done in any way you want. Remember what you set out to learn in the beginning and see if the results are encouraging, but mainly have fun with it if you can. No one ever said that a spiritual practice needed to be boring.


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