Our Job As Spiritual Investigators

Imagine a person who lives all her/his life in a room and looks at the world through a very small window. If this person would tell you that the world is one tree and birds passing by, you would laugh at this person and say that there is much more to the world than that. In the same way you can laugh at yourself right know since you hold an incredibly small window yourself.

Most people will ridicule spiritual investigators, because people (me included) pretend they know most things in their world, although we all know is just pretend really, it is an important shield we use.

However, as spiritual investigators we need to do the complete opposite and put down all the assumptions we have made until now. We must start by the very beginning and accept the first truth after testing it out which is we know reality only through our perception: information the senses delivers together with the brain’s judgement and interpretation.

How confined is our perception? We are confined firstly to an animal perception, then more restrictive yet we are confined to our human perspective, than to our society/cultural perspective, then to our family/friends nucleus perspective and on top of it all our are confined to our individual perspective.

As we, spiritual investigators, start laying our ground and developing premises, we discover firstly and foremost that we cannot know reality, we cannot know the world.

If we have this understanding we can truly laugh at ourselves, at our actions and at the actions of others. We all make our deeds and thoughts so utterly important, but if you think of the example I gave before, if the person looking through the window would tell you that the tree is really important in the world, because it’s the only one he/she sees, you would laugh and talk about the trillions of trees in our world. No matter what, our assumptions about reality will be always wrong, we do have only a small window.

A true investigator must dispel assumptions and therefore dispel the ego, which means really releasing self-importance. In this vein, an human perspective must not be more important than a plant perspective. One action must not be more important then another.

The judgments must be relinquished to the best of our ability and with this understanding we jump into the mystery and bring back our findings.


Self Growth | Ego Dissolution | Lea Autumn | Spirituality

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