On Pragmatic Spirituality

What is pragmatic spirituality and why it may be helpful to pursue it? A pragmatic approach does not mean you will have dry experiences. It only pertains to the methodology and not to what or how you will experience something.

Throughout my path I have come to understand that when one is living at the edge, that is trying to break the accustomed perception and releasing self-importance, it is crucial to take a most pragmatic approach. This approach entails one will pursue sound and reasonable goals with sound and reasonable actions.

This means one will try to be as clear as one possibly can about his/her goals and will set up a structured set of actions that might aid the achievement of one’s goals.

Someone on this path will soon discover that most of what we think we know is in fact a great mystery. Someone on this path knows that most of the time we are dealing with the unknown and inexplicable, and we might even encounter the unknowable.

This is what I call the pragmatic spirituality, in which we know our ground, even if to know means accepting we don’t know.

Another aspect of this pragmatism is to not conceptualize it too much. On one hand, we should be careful with naming an experience right away, like saying it is an angel and assuming that angels must exist. And on the other hand, using broad names, like consciousness as if we understood it. In both cases it is not valuable to name in this way because it confines our perception.

I am guilty of naming experiences I know nothing about myself. It is perhaps the curse of a writer. However, I will continue striving to develop better definitions and concepts that will lessen the confining of perception.

Furthermore, there is a necessity to evaluate results as well as the steps that lead to that result. Do my steps really provoke change in my world or create only a mere intellectual acceptance?

In pragmatic spirituality every hypothesis needs to be tested and every action has to be dressed with results, If it’s not than it must be dropped.

On such a journey, where nothing can be taken for grated and where only great mystery awaits us, it is imperative for us to integrate as much structure as we possibly can.

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