Tearing Down A Wall Brick by Brick

One of the exercises I do on my path to freedom is the naming of a topic that I will be working from that moment on. This is one of the exercises that brings me the best results. First I identify a pattern in my life that brings results I don’t want, then I discover the underlying topic or skill I must develop and finally I right the word down, paint it or make an incantation. I know, from experience, from this moment on, I will have many experiences that will let me practice it and test my evolution.

Some of the topics I have done include: releasing the victim, compassion, passion and patience. I don’t want to say that I never act in a victim role or that I am always patient nowadays. I am rather saying that now I feel more comfortable in these areas, I identify them more quickly and can change my actions accordingly.

Where before I didn’t like the idea of having to be patient now I understand its place and importance and I feel I own my patience now, if that makes any sense to you.

I am a little afraid of evoking a new topic after I feel one has been resolved, because my world becomes completely chaotic a couple of months after me naming my newest topic. Throughout the years and with different topics I got fired from jobs, had to change home, cities, countries, lovers, friends. I experienced great instability due to this exercise. However, it is all worth it. I guarantee it.

The best way to explore this exercise in my opinion is to create something very personal around the theme and then hang it up where you can see it, but at the same time release it to the universe, believing it will ensure  the issue’s resolution.

If you want to try this exercise out, try also to be aware that when something big happens in your life it will probably be related to the theme you set out. Even though this exercise brings a lot of pain and insecurity, remember it can also be fun, and  remember also that brick by brick you are tearing down your wall.


Self Growth | Ego Dissolution | Lea Autumn | Spirituality

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