Success through Self Growth: The Power of Consistency

True success can only be achieved through Self Growth. Being successful at one point in time and not understanding why or how one can transport these results to other areas, reflects only a situational success. Self growth begins with the premise that we move towards the understanding of ourselves. Understanding what works and what does not. What actions brings us results and which ones do not.

This is what this post is about. I am an absolute advocate for structure in our self development journey. My experience has taught me that small goals with adequate actions to achieve those goals bring more results than to hold in mind the final enlightenment goal.

Why is this so? I believe it is because we hold a limited amount of focus at one moment in time. Therefore, when we focus on achieving total self actualization we focus on nothing in particular, but rather on a mental greater picture. In the end we may feel we are changing ourselves on a big scale, but in fact, as soon as a mundane situation asks for a proper response we fail. We were not equiped to deal with the situation because our focus is everywhere and nowhere.

My experience showed me that consistency in a small specific act to reach a small specific result is the best and quickest way to grow and transform oneself.

Consistent daily actions are absolute transformational and  truly accelerate change.

Here I give you an example: My greater goal is freedom. My smaller goal is to not judge people. My smaller smaller goal is to not think about what other people do. One of my consistent daily acts to obtain this goal is to say to myself, after thinking about anyone in any circumstance, that I give them the freedom to do or be whatever they want to do or be: “I give you the freedom to dress as you wish”, “I give you the freedom to speak the way you want”, “I give you the freedom to treat me as you wish”, “I give you the freedom to work it out the way you want it”, and so on.

For me it’s rather difficult to maintain this consistency everyday, but I know that the immense change this act produces, only exists if one actually acts consistently.




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