Being special or not being special this is the question

On my path towards ego dissolution I have discover that it is rather difficult to let go of the idea of being special. You know that you are letting go of the characteristics that you have always associated with yourself and that have built a sort of special and individual personality.

Furthermore many parts of our society praise a well defined personality, it is therefore rather difficult to let go of that idea.

How can you have a relationship, a love one or otherwise, when you are no longer special, why would somebody want to be with you instead of somebody else? Normally you love someone because this person holds certain characteristics you deem fit or roles in which love is suppose to happen. But when you let go of the need for this definition what else is there to hold it?

I can only think of one thing: your presence. Your presence is the only thing you can share. The problem with the presence is that it holds no future and belongs only to the present moment. There are no plans, no descriptions, just the breathing and sharing intimacies. There are no guaranties, nor promises. Such instability is rather hard to accept. However, whatever else you decide to share or present your persona as will not be true. It is only real within the story and the persona chosen. Like in a movie everything is real within the movie, but not for the person watching it.

Maybe in this beginning of the year, life is asking us to not only let go of our egos but to also understand the implications that  will have on us. Maybe in some situations such as work we consciously will want to maintain a defined persona and in others we will have to let go of our special beings with amazing personalities.

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