Spiritual Progress: Feeling we are doing it wrong

Can we just stop feeling we are doing things wrong and trust that our journey is our journey and our lessons personal? I believe everyone on the spiritual path felt at some point on their journey insecure about what they were doing. I feel that most of us looking for answers encounter more often than not people with good intentions but cheap answers. “Just do this and it will all be fine”, “You can’t achieve it because you are doing it wrong”.

This creates a sense of insecurity. Maybe we shouldn’t be meditating in this way, or acting in that way. Maybe if we could just figure out how they do it.

For myself I started very slowly and am still in this process of discarding people who say:” just do this” or “just do that”. I specifically discard the advice of people using generic terms. In people, I look for examples from their lives and more specifically when its possible when they are still struggling but having small successes.

While before when I used to see some vulnerability in people I would immediately stop hearing what they were saying, I know try to listen closer and see if there is some doable technique I could appropriate and try out.

I may still feel insecure and vulnerable about many parts of my path, but there are things where my confidence is built, giving me some support. I feel I can identify better if what people are saying comes from a genuine and honest trial. I do not mean to say that the other people are dishonest, However, in my opinion they haven’t gone deeper. If you tell me that I am consciousness, it means nothing to me, because in no way it relates to my life. It is an abstract term, about which anything can be said.

On the other hand if you talk to me about how you tried to let go of complaining and show me some of the things you did, and what were/are your struggles. Then I can do something with it. I can evaluate if your struggles relate to mine, if your practices are possible for me to replicate. I can go deep into the understanding about how you view complaining and how it affects your life and see if that may help me change my perception.

I believe we all love big broad words that let us remain lazy on our paths (me certainly included). I feel the need more than ever before to be more specific on my experimenting and learning. Because life also will test those specific things probably right the next day. Through those experiences I can immediately determine if I have become freer or if it has all just been an intellectual understanding.

I don’t know if some of you are also looking for more of these relatable knowledge, or if you feel we must unavoidably move and learn through these abstract constructs.




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