Reality dissolution: Truth or not true

I am ever more concerned with the mystery in which I live. More parts of me recognize the truth behind the impossibility of knowing the Truth or the Reality. I am ever more convinced, that our human perception is utterly limiting and assuming that it reveals any  Truth is just being conceited and ignoring the tremendous other ways of perceiving the world that other animals and beings experience.

How can I assume I can even reach what is the truth, when I know I have only the human capabilities of perception and furthermore, my own personal perception that it is even more limiting.

I am amidst a dangerous thought. The thought that I cannot know, never, the truth is very frightening indeed. I am pulled into dangerous doubtful waters. Murky waters, that bring me no safety and logic.

I know I am full of false truths, I am always saved from them when I am able to bring its opposite to life and allowing the paradoxes to swim in my murky waters.

The doubt, oh the doubt, so dangerous, so freeing., oh the certainties that still creep in and try to survive inside the doubts and paradoxes I emphasize.

I am screwed, but so are we all. I don’t believe anymore that any of us can act ever in a right or wrong way, for that we would have needed so much more information about ourselves and the world than the information we actually have access to.

I don’t know who I am. I am just what I can perceive and what I can perceive is so limiting.

I  understand that there is only one way to know more than what I know now, and that is to take a risk; take a new path, a new road; make a new decision; act differently. Scary shit indeed.


Self Growth | Ego Dissolution | Lea Autumn | Spirituality

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